Another Share in 2015 – Fifa 15 Coin Generator

“Hey guys, Alex here!!!”

Like I promised! Here is this new Fifa 15 coin generator that changed how me and my brother play Fifa 15! You still have to make your own team choises and pick your own player like you normally do, but it gives you all the coins in the world to do so and get better!

So yes, here I am again giving you all something that should benefit many of you – football fans. I have noticed that many of you play Fifa 15 Ultimate Team and this is why I decided to make it available on Facebook only and also because I don´t visit any other social media sites. Why should I, right? This year´s gift is this Fifa 15 coins generator that I´m sharing with you cause some have given me tools for other online games I play and some are just people I haven´t seen for a long time. If you see this and it helps you, contact me on Facebook, but please don´t leak this coin generator so it would become public. I don´t want to get too many people using it, cause this always increases the change that this tool may get patched. We don´t want that, right?

fifa 15 coin generator

This coin tool I found from a forum I frequently visit. It´s a closed community, but people share great stuff there. Well, most of the time anyways. The developers group that created this awesome little Fifa 15 tool have an official thread there, but sorry, I can´t give you the name of this forum. Even if you do get the address, you have to get an invitation to join it and I don´t have permission to invite anyone yet. I can give you some features this Fifa 15 coin generator has though. This is taken from their forum thread, right under EA exploits. Yes, there is a separate section for this.

Features of this new coin generator for Fifa 15:

  • It is cross platform compatible (most important in my opinion)
  • It´s safe to use and anonymous to EA detection system
  • Tested by thousands of users already, no problems yet
  • SSL secured encrypted connection, Anti Detect System ADS
  • Updated daily or at least weekly
  • You can use it once in 24 hour period per one IP address
  • Can generate free Fifa 15 coins, amounts fluctuate depending on the version of the con generator

fifa 15 free coins screenshot

This Fifa 15 coin generator has been around for several months now and I have been using it for around 3 months – don´t remember exactly. As maybe some of you have already seen, at some point I started to receive a large amount of coins to my Fifa 15 account. Now you know, this is the tool that I used for this. It´s very simple to use and doesn´t require any special skills from you whatsoever. It helps you generate Fifa 15 coins and because of this lets you develop in a quicker pace. You should know if you saw me becoming 10 times better than you! Hehe, just kidding, but seriously, this isn´t some fake coin generator you see floating around that just pormises you the best players in the world but actually does nothing. This is recommended by me personally to you (if you are in my Facebook friend list). Please don´t share it, will repeat it one more time. Ah, also a little guide how to use it. You probably don´t need it but I will put it here anyway.

How to use this new Fifa 15 coin generator:

  • Go to this online Fifa 15 resource generator using this green button you see below
  • Enter your e-mail address in the input field
  • Choose how many coins you want
  • Hit „generate” button
  • Wait till this generator finishes, you should get a message saying it has finished the process
  • The hacking process should take around a minute or so
  • After, visit your Fifa 15 account, you may have to log off and back in again to see the changes

fifa15 button

NB! There you have it, a working Fifa 15 coin generator that is not in beta testing mode so you don´t have to worry about your Fifa 15 account – tested by many, me included. To use it, click the green button above. Have a blast!


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